Apple iPhone Jailbreak

The new jailbreak is out for all devices, including the iPhone 4. Many sources (including ourselves) have tested the Jailbreak and found it to be successful at jailbreaking the iPhone 4 and other devices running iOS4, 3.2 (iPad), 3.1.3 and iOS4.0.1. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you will find that many of the older apps that are 3.1.3 compatible to not work correctly with iOS4.0+ but many programmers have been prepping for weeks as the 4.0 jailbreak has been out for upgrading from another jailbroken device for weeks now.

As we have advised many of you in the past, use jailbreaking at your own risk, as it is much easier to make your iPhone less stable depending on which iPhone you have and which apps you install through cydia. A couple recommendations below:

Music Controls - a much more viable solution for backgrounding music streaming applications. Music Controls Pro is due for release soon.

Shrink - allows you to shrink the size of the icons on your iPhone, use in conjuction with iconoclasm with customizable layouts.

 - Move multiple icons at once across screens - especially useful with Shrink. Just touch to select multiple icons, scroll to the screen you wish to drop, and press your 'home' button to drop!

ifile - Manage your file system with this program. Paid program with trial period tab+ - Add more tabs to your iPhone Safari

BossPaper - WARNING: DOES NOT WORK WITH iOS4.0+ YET!!!! Allows you a changable desktop control for pictures, picture packages, etc with transition times, and other controls such as hiding icon labels.

SBSettings -

Rotation Inhibitor for SBSettings - Hate when your iPhone rotates when laying in bed or other settings? Add this toggle to SBSettings to turn it off for all programs until you need it again! Super simple, swipe your status bar and click the icon to disable rotation on the iPhone!

iPhone Congruency Theme for SBSettings - This theme makes SBSettings actually look like it belongs on the iPhone (theme).


A couple of things you should NOT install:

Backgrounder - Useful program but not upkept very well by its developer. If you just want backgrounding for streaming audio, check out Music Controls

Winterboard - Great app back in the day for themeing your iPhone with custom icons, lockscreens and more. We do not recommend (esp for the 3G iPhone) because it's a resource hog. Layman's terms, it makes your iPhone run slower and kills the available memory.

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