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Please backup all your phone's contacts, pictures, MP3, themes and games before submitting your phone for network or PIN unlock.
Abby Technology Limited will assume all phone submitted for unlocking exercise had the data backed up by the owner. 

How we can help you?
Unlocking your phone means Abby Technology will help you to remove the network restriction code, so that your PDA, iPhone can use the New Zealand SIM Card. http://all.at/unlock

iPhone unlock while you wait
iPhone 4 Unlock = 5 mins (our own solution)
iPhone 3GS = 25 mins
iPhone 3G = 20 mins
iPhone 2G = 15 minis

After unlock, your phone could be used worldwide with the local SIM card instead of paying the hefty roaming and data fee.  You need to purchase additional package (i.e. internet and MMS setting) in order for your unlocked phone to take advantage of the network's MMS, picture message, 3G data functions and other facilities.

Our strong suit is unlocking the "I"ntelligent phone with large touchscreen.  If you are not sure what this mean, please email us for details.

There are also PIN lock, which we are able to help you to unlock it (sometimes data contents on your phone could be saved, depends on the model and make).

Unlocking Your Mobile Phones
Cable Unlock: You need to courier in your phone for the unlocking procedures
Remote Unlock:  Phone stays with owner but need to purchase an unlocking code
PIN Unlock:  Phone stays with owner but purchase a PIN unlock code from us.
nlock:  Phone

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Scam Warning:
Buyers Beware: There are a few semi-pro in Auckland area pretending to "inspect" your iPhone 4G at $50 before "unlocking" it. Then he will brick your phone totally dead. The shop usually look cheap like $2 Shop setting with heaps of IT junks on display.