Unlock by Network

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Unlock by Network
Abby Technology Limited is able to help you to unlock your mobile phone locked to specific network.  For example, you might purchase a new Australia Vodafone handset and assume that it can be used in New Zealand.
However strange it might sound, most of the sets bought from Vodafone Australia will be restricted to the Australia Vodafone GSM network and will not work with the New Zealand Vodafone GSM network. http://all.at/unlock

If your mobile phone is locked to Australian network and when you insert a New Zealand Vodafone SIM card, the screen will show "Invalid SIM", then the phone will prompt you to enter the unlock code.

This is when you need to text us or email us to buy an unlock code.  You can do this easily from the comfort of your work place or home!  You need to provide us the following details:
- Phone brand (Nokia, LG, Samsung, etc)
- Phone Model (N97, E250, E63, 6238, N8, etc)
- Network provider (02, Virgin, AT&T, Big Pond, Telstra Clear, etc)

We will reply you and tell you the cost of the unlock code. If you agree with the pricing, please pay us via cash deposit to Kiwi Bank, online transfer to Kiwi Bank.  For backpackers and tourists, you have the option to pay us by our PayPal account.