PIN Unlock

What is PIN Unlocking?

This is referring to the password or PIN number on your mobile phone that you have turn on for privacy protection.

What is it not?
It is not related to network lock whereby your imported phone from US, UK, Fiji, Australia, Canada which cannot accept local SIM card from 2 Degrees Mobiles, Vodafone New Zealand and Telecom New Zealand.
If a mobile phone that is blacklisted (means it is reported stolen or lost by the network provider or retailer), we do not want to know or deal with such mobile phones.

PIN Unlock Options

Certain mobile phone may accept unlock code purchased from Abby Technology Limited.  Some phone may need cable unlock procedure.  We will help you if you email us or text us your queries.

How to order my remote unlock PIN?

You need to email us or text us at +6421264000) your name, email address and:
(1) Phone brand (Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc).
(2) Phone model (N97, N8, 6238, E65, etc)
(3) The 15-digit IMEI number (dial *#06# and it will appear on your screen)

Full Factory Unlock

This is popular for Apple iPhone 3GS and 4G.  When you purchase a full factory unlock from us, you Apple iPhone 3GS and 4G will not be locked out by accident when updating software via iTune and it takes any GSM SIM around the world!

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