Abby Technology provide cutting-edge services for the following:
(1) Hardware Repair
(2) Software Repair
(3) Network Unlocking
(4) Insurance Claims Report
(5) Data recovery and data reconstruction

We also provide specialised pick up service for mobile phone repair within North Shore City and Auckland City.  You are free to use the online inquiry form located here.

We have over five solid years hands-on professional experience on mobile phone repair.  Our quality along with customers service is time-tested and people proven.

If you are outside Auckland area you can send in your faulty phone via insured courier service to us. Do remember to enclosed your own paid and addressed return shipping courier bag with your phone.

Click here for Service Request Form.

Money Savings Tips:
We charge an inspection fee for each mobile phone, PDA or iPhone. The inspection fee will be counted towards the final cost of repair (it is not refundable if the phone is beyond repair and that is the maximum liability on your part!).
Some centre will charge upfront $85 inspection fee, on top of any applicable repair costs.

Tips on submitting your phone to us:
(1) Pack well with bubble sheet
(2) Fill up the Service Request Form in details
(2) Remove your SIM card, stylus and Memory Card.
(3) Do not enclose the charger and data cable.
(4) Read all disclaimers before sending out your phone.

Technical Assessment for Insurance Claims:
If you need to get an insurance assessment report, please provide the details of the insurance company, contact person along with your policy number and claim number issued to you.

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