How to get your phone repaired?
(1) Download, print out the Service Request Form (SRF)
(2) Call us or text us at 021-264-0000 or (09) 551-5344
(3) Bank in the inspection fee via online banking
(4) Courier your phone or use our pick up service

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We not only provide professional level mobile phone repair, but we listen to what our customers to what they need and what solution is available to them.

At Abby Technology Limited, we do not use big words or jargon; instead we prefer "customer speak".  Our policy is to convert our customers to be our friends. That is why 85% of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth

Repair while you wait:
45 Minutes: iPhone 4 digitizer/LCD replacement
25 Minutes: iPhone 3GS digitizer/LCD replacement
20 Minutes; iPhone 3G digitzer/LCD replacement

Repairs are available for these areas:
Hardware and software repair
Impact damage or liquid damage

Network or PIN lock

General Phone Faults:
Charging problem, keypad not working, phone cannot turn on, problem sending text, reception issues, software upgrade, speaker or buzzer is dead and more.

No Obligation Quote:
You are welcome to send us your queries about your phone's faults. Please use this online customer service form.

No Inspection Fee:
It is either we can fix your faulty phone or not.  There is no need to charge you for inspecting your phone!  Some operator simply charge exorbitant fee just use your expensive phone as a guinea pig!  Remember to do your research and ask if they are REAL and true repair centre, not just some dubious agents or jobbers!

You can download the Service Request Form and useful information about repairing your Google Android or mobile phone.

Please read our disclaimers on iPhone, mobile phone repair disclaimers and network unlocking disclaimers.

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