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Please call us to make appointment to repair your iPhone or mobile phone.  You can text us at +6421264000 or email us. You can use the free online inquiry form.

Please call our 

If you need to get a technical assessment, please file a claim with your insurance company first then come to us.  We charge only $50 for a full technical assessment on your faulty or damaged phones.

You can download the service request form here.  Please read the disclaimers associated with mobile phone repair before sending your faulty phone for repair.

Our goal is to provide a smooth and easy way to get your iPhones or PDA repair with any hassles.

Need help on your water damaged "i"ntelligent Phone? Click here for some helpful information.  In case of emergency or you need quick answer, text us at +64212640000
Clients need to know exactly what are the disclaimers involved in iPhone and mobile phone repair/unlocking.

For all mobile phone repair, Abby Technology is not liable for any pre-existing faults or hidden issues with the phone.

There will be no warranty on water damaged phone even after it has or could be repaired; as exposures to liquid and chemical before repair took place the main components could be damaged. Please download and PDF file for each specific disclaimer related to pho
ne repair and unlocking.

**Scammer Alert**
Please do not be scammed by operator who do not have any phone lines or physical address for professional phone repair.  Cheap price is always a bait to lure victim in the loop then to suffer more financial lost. Be alert of operator who sounds very slick or look very "weird" in real person.  Bring a friend when you visit the phone repair centres just.