Unlock - FAQ

Will unlocking affect my current warranty?

Yes, please be aware that your warranty will be void if you unlock your phone. However it MAY be possible to "relock" your phone if required - although we make no guarantees regarding this so please do not unlock your phone unless you are sure you are prepared to take the risk! Also we would like to add we have never known of a service provider that hasnt repaired an unlocked phone, remember its in their interest to have your phone on their network! http://all.at/unlock

What do I need to unlock my mobile phone remotely?

All you need is some informtion about your phone, including your IMEI, and the service provider you are locked to, thats it.

How do I receive these codes?

You'll receive your unlocking codes via email within the current Timescale for your particular make/model of mobile phone.

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

To unlock one mobile phone prices range depending on the model and make of the phone and the service you need. We currently accept payment via PayPal and Kiwi Bank cash deposit at any NZ Post office or Kiwi Bank online transfer.

How long does it take to receive codes?

Usually it takes just minutes to a few hours depending on network traffic. It also depends on the make and/or model of the cellphone / mobile phone you intend to unlock.

How do I enter codes?

We offer you detailed instructions on how to enter these codes into your phone, its all very simple.

Is it legal?

Yes. We do advise that you check your countrys regualtions concerning the legalities of unlocking. it is totally legal in the UK. Network operators can also provide these codes for about £20.00-£115.00, they are no different from those that we supply.

Can I unlock other phones with the remove sim lock phone code?

These codes are calculated using your IMEI, which is totally unique to your phone, you cannot use them on other mobiles phones.

How many codes will I receive?

For some mobiles (Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens etc) we will send you at least 2 codes to enter into your phone, if one doesnt work then the second should - essentially you only need one code but extra for back up is good. For Motorola mobiles youll only need one code as these are 100% guaranteed, and Samsung phones also only have one available code (although these are not guaranteed to work, 25% of Samsung phones need alternative services to unlock fully due to security features within the phone).

Are there any risks involved?

No. However If you do not enter the correct code in the correct way 5 times you will block the codes and you will not be able to unlock your phone via a sim lock removal codes. You will then require a cable to unlock your phone. This will not affect the normal using of your mobile in any way.

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