Remote Unlock - Terms and Condition

We will be straight up on the terms and conditions, there are no hidden suprises and I always stand by my terms and try to be as fair as possible. Please read everything clearly in advance so that you can be sure I can give you the best service possible. Thanks Richard.

Code Guarantees

All Abby Technology Limited codes come with a money back guarantee, if our code does not work we provide a full refund, as long as all the correct information about the phone has been entered. For codes we source (Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, Motorola and LG the codes are sourced from the manufacturers so they WILL work provided you give us the correct details at payment (esp your IMEI).

Code Unlock Order Terms

Refund Evidence Required
To enable us to receive a refund from our suppiliers in the event that one of the codes do not work we will require you to send us photographic proof that the phone is still locked and possibly a video of you entering the code into the phone. Full details of what we require will be requested when needed. Once we recieve that a full refund can be sent.

Code Return Times
Codes almost always return in the given timescales. These times are given by our supplier and then adapted by us based on previous return timescales. In the very unlikely event that a code takes longer than expected (max of 14 days) we will send you a full refund. Please be aware that if we cannot source your codes no other website will be able to, when you order from Abby Technology Limited you can be reassured that we have contacts at the highest positions in the mobile industry. Our return times are never under-estimated so that customers are pleased on faster returns rather than make exaggerated claims like others about return times.

Codes Ordered With Wrong IMEI
If you provide us with the wrong IMEI in most cases you will get a "IMEI" not found from the server we source codes from you will be able to give us your correct IMEI and we can reprocess them (no extra charge) this is due to the fact that in some cases codes are not returned for incorrect IMEIs, however if you provide the wrong IMEI and a code does come back we offer strictly NO REFUND, as we must source and pay for these in advance - please ensure your IMEI is accurate.

Compatibility with Network/Band
Not all phones are compatible with all networks EVEN after unlocking. 2g phones will not operate with 3g network, this is essentially like trying to get dvd to play in a video cassette player, it will not work, it suprises me the number of customers that unlock their phones expecting to use it with a 3g sim-card and find out that its not compatible, please not that in this situation a refund is obviously not possible, please make sure your phone will work in the way you want it to before you unlock. Also please be aware bands can be an issue if your phone is dual band it will work on 2 bands if quad it should work globally. If you are unsure ask us or do research, if you expect your phone to work in a way that it is not made to do so, no refund can be offered. For the latest phones band compatibility usually is not an issue, however if your phone is older you should really what bands it is compatible with.


Orders placed cannot be officially cancelled without emailing me and then receiving from me an email confirmation that I have contacted my supplier and cancelled. Sometimes I cannot cancel orders once placed with Abby Technology Limited due to my suppliers' server entry rules. Please do not assume an order has been cancelled until you have received my reply as orders that returned codes cannot be cancelled later.

PIN / PUK Codes
|Please make sure that you order the correct type of code, some customers confuse "unlock codes" with PIN or PUK codes. A pin code is a code that the owner puts on a phone to stop others using it, its usually a 4 digit code thats entered into the phone to enable it to make calls and is set by the user. If your phone asks for a pin number before you can make any calls with your normal sim card then its the PIN code that it requires. A PUK code is the code you need if you wrongly input a PIN code into your phone more than a number of times. PUK codes must be obtained from your network. We cannot supply either of these codes. Basically if you can make calls with your mobile and you wish to make calls with an alternative sim card then you need an unlock code - these are the codes we supply here at Abby Technology Limited.

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