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iPod Touch 4g (4th Generation) New Specs and Release Date Next Month! Price Unknown.

For a few years now, it has been Apple’s tradition to hold a press event in San Francisco, California in which Apple announces its new iPod models along with the other latest Apple products. For quite some time, Apple has been conducting such event usually in the month of September.

But just recently a Brazil-based MacMagazine claimed that it has received information from a very reliable source and stated that Apple will be conducting this event sometime in mid-August. The source also gave a hint that during the said press event, Apple will be announcing its next generation iPod which will feature a front-facing FaceTime camera combined with a rear camera with Flash and an internal gyroscope just like Apple’s iPhone 4. Many are also expecting that Apple will introduce the iOS 4 for the iPad during the same press event.

Although nothing is official yet as of present, all these details that have leaked are basically speculations and rumors. Apple has not yet made any announcement nor confirmed whether there is a truth to this rumors spreading around these gadget websites.

Another computer-generated illustration of the next generation iPod has popped out and being displayed in gadgets website as of present. A number of prototypes of the next generation iPod were already seen before and but this latest illustration is noticed to be slightly different since it is noticeable that the camera is place on the upper left corner rather in the center of the device. It also lacks the front-facing camera which is necessary for FaceTime calls.

The site HardMac which featured this newest illustration claimed that it came from a very reliable source and apparently this source has been proven to be credible in the past. If this illustration perfectly shows the exact image of the upcoming new generation iPod Touch, then it seems that it has maintained the same classic design of its predecessors.

As of now, it is very difficult to tell whether these ongoing rumors about the next generation iPod are true or not. But based on Steve Job’s intention of bringing FaceTime across different iDevices basically gives us some hint that iPod will also be having this feature in the near future.

Let us just wait for Apple’s official announcement with regards to its official specs and feature as well as its price and see for ourselves what it has really in store for us.